Creede, Lake City, and Surrounding Area

We love to go to Creede. We go once or twice every year because it is not very far and they have a theater there that has a full schedule of performances all summer and into the fall. The Creede Repetory theater uses both local and out of town actors to produce very entertaining plays, usually at least six different ones every summer. They recently built a smaller theater for performances when they don't expect large crowds.

In addition to the theater there are a number of artists who reside there including one nationally known Artist, Steven Quiller, who has a gallery open in summer. In summer may other artists come for workshops and some just to spend the summer painting the beautiful scenery in and around Creede.

Creede is a mining town and remnants of the mining history are everywhere. Just out of town is a mining museum where you can actually go into an old mine. The fire department keeps its pumpers in this old mine as well as the town recreation center.

The Rio Grand river originates in the mountains above Creede and it is already a pretty wide river by the time it flows nearby.

A few miles over the mountains is the mining town of Lake City. It is much smaller but still a charming town with many of the old stores still intact and in use.

Celia Bell 2012