Da Li

Da Li is a beautiful city located near a large lake and home of the Bai ethnic minority people. These people have a very beautiful native dress worn by the women and seen on the streets along with the modern dress. The city is noted for three magnificent pagodas serving as a landmark for the city. The Bai people are also known for having beautiful homes.

It was rice harvesting season and many people could be seen in the countryside harvesting rice, and planting the next crop.

We went to a special market, a farm on the lake, a tie dying factory where indigo and other colors are used to dye tablecloths and other things. A design is first stitched in the fabric and after dying the stitching is removed showing a white design against the colored fabric.

Da Li is at an altitude of 7,000 feet. We left the town on a boat that crossed the lake. A bus met us there and after lunch in a small farming village we drove through very rugged mountains to Lijing.

Celia Bell 2012