Lijiang is home to the small ethnic minority of Naxi people, a very ancient group that practice the Dongba religion. The city was especially beautiful, the old town very well preserved with markets, quaint shops, and two groups of ethnic dancers one young and one old. The young dancers wore white costumes, the older ones the more traditional blue.

The Black Dragon Pool is beautiful and on clear days the high snow capped peaks of the surrounding mountains can be viewed from there. The city itself lies at an elevation of 9,000 feet above sea level.

In the surrounding countryside lie quaint villages, one of which we visited. It was the home of a British/Austrian Anthropologist, J. Rock, who lived among and studied the Naxi people for 30 years.

We attended an ancient Naxi concert and ended our stay with a dinner served in the garden of a private home.

Celia Bell 2012