The most interesting place we visited was Tibet. The Altitude was 12,000 feet in Lasha and we traveled to a Hot Spring Resort that was 14,000 feet. The Himalayas surround the country many peaks growing to 25,000 feet.

It is obvious that Tibet is a country occupied by the Chinese army against the will of most of the people. Military could be seen everywhere. When we arrived they shut down and locked the airport because some Chinese Big-Wig was ill and needed to be flown to a Chinese City for treatment.

Tibet is a very religious country with many monasteries. Before the Chinese Occupation some of the monasteries had 10,000 monks living within them but the Chinese Government is trying to stamp out religion and now only permit 500 monks. When asked what happened to all the others the reply was "Some of them got old and died." The only thing we believed was "died". The monks if you could get them alone without our guide were very frank with us at the peril of their lives. We were watched at all times but one Professor managed to tell us in a very low voice (He was being watched during his lecture by a scruffy looking guy in a room just in back with a door that never closed) that things were getting worse in Tibet. This was only a year or so before the recent revolution that was quickly suppressed by the Chinese Army. The Chinese are encouraging their people to move into Tibet often paying them extra to live there so within a couple of generations the Tibetan culture and religion may be obliterated. Our very young, charming guide when asked if she was Bhuddaist replied that she didn't believe in God, only herself.

Celia Bell 2012