Egypt And Jordan

In November of 2008 we traveled to Egypt and Jordan. We visited Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor viewing pyramids and temples along the way. In Luxor we went to the Valley of the Kings and toured some of the tombs including the recently renovated tomb of Tutankhamun. At Luxor we boarded The Ramses II, a river ship that took us up the Nile, stopping at two temples before arriving at Aswan. In Aswan we viewed an obelisk quarry, Lake Nassar, and had a sail on a felucca, an ancient Egyptian boat. A flight to Abu Simbel brought us to one of the temples that was moved to avoid flooding when Lake Nassar was formed. From Abu Simbal we flew back to Cairo for one night and then on to Jordan where we went to a crusader castle, a Roman city, the place Moses first saw the Holy Land and finally on to Petra.

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