Amman Jordan and Area

Jordan was a surprising country. It is clean, friendly, and there is much more to see than Petra. It is ruled by a King who, we were told, disquises himself frequently and goes out among his people to hear what they are really saying rather than what is told to him. There are many Palastinian refugees in Jordan. The country has offered citizenship to any Palastinian who wants it. For many years there was war between Jordan and Isreal but a peace treaty signed a few years ago has held, the artillary has been moved from around the Dead Sea, and new resorts have sprung up. They do have their problems with probably nearly 20% unemployment. There are of course poor people there but the country looks prosperous and fairly content.

We visited a Crusader Castle, A Roman City, The place Moses saw the Holy Land and finally Petra.

Celia Bell 2012