Petra is a "Must See" place for anyone who can make it down the two mile path to the city carved in the pink sandstone canyon wall. There are horses and carriages to ride if you must but mostly you will walk. It is about two miles from the Hotel and another mile to see the city. The walk down is easy, a slope that is hard packed but the walk out for some of us tried our legs. It is possible to ride most of the way out if you hire a horse pulled cart but there is no mechanical transportation available. There is actually a back road down there but tourists aren't permitted to use it.

After seeing the city we went by bus to the Dead Sea over a very steep and winding road. Along the way were many Bedouin tents. The Bedouin are gently being encouraged to settle in one place by providing them reliable sources of water from wells. Farming the rich land around the Dead Sea is one of the places they can always have access to water so many live there most of the time and work the farms. We stopped at a resort on the Sea and those who wished could get wet. Swimming is impossible because of the high salinity of the water. It is possible to float but not swim.

Celia Bell 2012