Up The Nile to Aswan

We boarded our river boat in Luxor and began our cruise up the Nile toward Aswan. The Nile is a very clean river, blue when the sky is blue which is probably most of the time. The contrast between the river flood plain and the surrounding desert is startling. Most deserts have some green growing in them but this one has none except for a few scattered oasis where water can be found.

We stopped at two temples on the way, Edfu, and Kom Ombo. They were similar but still different. When we arrived at Aswan we visited a quarry where an unusable obelisk is still in place. When it cracked it could not be salvaged and was just left. This is the quarryfrom which most obelisks were cut.

Lake Nassar is a huge lake and many temples were salvaged by worldwide effort and moved from their location to a new place safe from the flood of Lake Nassar. We visited Philae in Aswan and flew to Abu Simbel to admire these beautiful temples. These temples were cut apart and put back together by a gigantic and expensive effort.

Celia Bell 2012