Lake Maggori


We traveled next to Lake Maggori. It was a wonderful three days of rest and relaxation after a rather strenuous trip. We stayed in a great hotel and from there made two side trips, one to Milan to see the “Last Supper”, the other a trip to a village from where we caught a local train across the mountains to the Swiss City of Locarno. We were supposed to return by launch to Stresa but it was a holiday and the launches were not running so our return trip was by bus along the edge of the lake.

When we arrived and checked into the hotel we immediately crossed the street to get a launch that would take us to the Isola Bella. This small island is owned by the Royal Family Boromero and has a palace that is their summer home. The gardens outside were also spectacular, containing white Peacocks. The family was not yet in residence so we were able to see a couple of the main rooms in the house and the basement rooms which were plastered with sea shells and lava rocks.

From there we went to the tiny fishing island of Pescadora. It houses families that fish the lake for a living and there are also a few restaurants on the island. We next motored around a couple more private islands and returned to our hotel.

The small town of Stresa was nearby and we enjoyed seeing the shops and visiting the restaurants.

Celia Bell 2012