Rotorua And The Thermal Areas South to Wellington


The thermal area is like Yellowstone but a much smaller area that can easily visited in a short time without driving long distances. Many of the native Maori live here. Some of them attend schools where their native crafts of wood carving and grass skirt making are taught to keep these crafts alive. Those who live in this area often have a "hot pot" in their yard. They just punch a hole in the ground and there is boiling water in which they can cook. They also often have "hot tubs" in which they can soak after a long day. There were so many of these being made that a law was passed to prevent further construction because it was lowering the temperature of the geysers.

Unlike Yellowstone geysers are constantly erupting and there is always one performing.

As we left the thermal are we continued to see steam rising and many electric generating plants using this resource for energy. We arrived at Lake Taupo, which is the cauldera of an ancient giant volcano. Other active volcanoes can be seen from the lake including one that is New Zealand's ski area.

Continuing South to Wellington we are reminded of San Francisco. The city is built on rather steep hills with the ocean usually visible. We will load our RV on a ferry and go on to the South Island.

Celia Bell 2012