Arrowtown and Dunedin

Arrowtown is a former mining town. The Shotover River here is fameous for high speed boats that run against the current on top of the water to allow tourists a view of the gorge.

Dunedin was of course settled by Scotch people and resembles a Scottish city. The Train Station was beautiful with stained glass windows and mosaics on the floors. Near Dunedin was a park where tourists can view the breeding area of some colonies of Albatross. These huge birds some with wingspans of 11 feet will leave their chicks for weeks at a time while they go out to sea to fish. When they arrive back at the nest they have not used their legs in so long that they are unable to walk for awhile and will just crash into the ground upon landing. They must nest in places on steep hills so they have enough runway and wind to be able to take off when they go to fish.

Celia Bell 2012