Wellington to Queenstown


Our RV on the ferry we left Wellington and after a few hours pleasant crossing Marlboro Sound we arrived in Picton. We proceeded down the western coast stoping several places along the way. The first glacier we encountered was the Franz Josef glacier. These glaciers run from 12,000 ft. mountains directly into the sea. They are shrinking, as many glaciers in the world are. The next glacier was the Fox glacier, equally spectacular. Lush, tropical growth extends down from the glacier to the sea, a real contrast from ice to green in just a few hundred feet.

Lake Matheson is world famous for the view of mountains with a lake in the foreground but to get a decent picture is necessary to get up at 4:30 in the morning, walk in the dark for about a mile and wait for sunrise. As soon as the sun comes up the wind obliterates the reflexion.

Celia Bell 2012