Celebrate Brahms!

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This morning we kind of goofed around a bit. After breakfast we drove to a Starbucks in Alamo Heights. We still enjoy our Starbucks splurges! We brought a computer so we could get online. My parents are flying out on Southwest Airlines tomorrow, and they wanted to get their boarding passes as soon as the 24-hour period opened up. John and I thought that there must be a snipe-like program available online to do the boarding pass thing for you and we found one: Seat-Sniper.com <Note that this practice is no longer allowed and the web site is now gone>. If you fly Southwest, you will want to check these guys out. Anyway, we actually hung out at Starbucks until the sniper program delivered the PDF file with the boarding passes. Then we stuck it on a memory stick and headed for the nearest Fedex-Kinkos for printing, which was only a half mile down the road. We LOVE the Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS that John won at his company holiday party!

As a final bit of our “goofing off” time, we took a drive through the King Williams Historic District, where there are a number of homes that have been restored to their original Texas architectural beauty. Mom took a number of photos that I hope to post as an album on this site as soon as she can get them out of her camera (I don’t speak compact flash and she did not bring her reader).

In the afternoon, we attended a concert at the Laurel Heights Methodist Church. It was put on by the San Antonio Choral Society and was an all-Brahms program. All singing was in German, but our programs had English translations. Both the orchestra and the choral group did a great job, and the concert was definitely fun and worth the $15 per ticket.

We topped the evening off with an adventure in dining. We let the GPS take us to a steakhouse restaurant that turned out to have quite good food. It was very Texan in all aspects and the chicken-fried rib-eye was really delicious.

All in all, it was a great day that topped off a great weekend in San Antonio. Tomorrow we drop my parents off at the airport and then we head on in to Houston. We will be staying with my Uncle Val for the remainder of the vacation, so tonight is our last night in a hotel (yay!)

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Chicken Fried Rib-Eye?  God, I miss living in Texas!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - 03:25 PM

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