Dinner at Karam's

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Karam’s is an unlikely name for a Mexcan restaurant, especially given the fact that the letter “k” does not exist in the Spanish alphabet.

But, Karam’s Mexican Dining Room is my favorite Mexican restaurant on the planet. There is only one, and it is located at 121 N Zazamora Street in San Antonio, TX.

Tonight John and I ate there with my parents. Our orders were predictable and absolutely delicious. We all started out with a margarita, chips and salsa. John ordered the chicken mole, Mom and I ordered the cabrito and Dad had the Border Patrol plate (a sampler plate). I think we all enjoyed our meals. I thought the cabrito was excellent. I tasted John’s chicken mole and it was really superb as well. Yep, it’s still on the list as my favorite!

© Karen Bell 2012