Galveston, the Space Center and Atascocita


This morning started off with a great home-cooked breakfast by my Uncle Val. We had eggs, potatoes, sausage, toast and fresh fruit. A great start for our busy day!

First, we drove down to Galveston and actually took a walk along Stewart Beach. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are very brown and today was no exception. It was fun walking along the beach, even though I am known for hating sand and the beach in general. John is also not a big fan, and we had our fill of it quickly.

Next we went to the Houston Space Center. What a huge disappointment! It costs almost $20 to get in for one adult and an additional $5 to park the car. Then it’s kind of a poor man’s Disneyland with slides and games for the kids. Not a museum feel at all and a whole bunch of screaming kids were there, making the trip even less fun. John and I wanted to see real artifacts and learn more about space exploration and space missions. There were some very cool artifacts, but they were hidden behind all the kids’ toys and were hard to get to. We were only too happy to call this one quits. If you are thinking about going and you don’t have kids under the age of 10, think again!

After leaving that fiasco, we decided to head over to Atascocita and check out the other neighborhood where I lived. We were able to easily find it with the GPS but there was pretty much nothing recognizable to me about it. The area has grown up and now contains bazillions of strip malls, fast food restaurants, gas stations and the like. There are lots of traffic lights and you spend forever going 2 miles. The house itself was in OK shape, but it could use some TLC. It is definitely not one of the nicest in the neighborhood. You can check out the photos on my albums page.

This evening Uncle Val took John and me to dinner at a local Belgian-French cafe a few blocks from his house. The food was good, and the company was even better.

Tomorrow Val and his friend Dottie, along with Isabel and her friend David, and John and I are going to Lake Livingston to hang out at Uncle Val’s lake house and let Isabel and David play on the Jet Ski. I hope to get some good pictures.

© Karen Bell 2012