Getting to Kansas

large 20080407-united-airlines-plane

There’s not too much exciting to write about a plane flight from Oakland to Kansas City. Although the plane was an hour late taking off from Oakland, we easily made our connection in Denver and arrived in Kansas City about 5 minutes early.

The highlight of our first day was dinner we had at Abuelo’s. John and I drove to the restaurant from the airport. Chris, Amy, Logan and Sloan came from their home in Harrisonville. We spent about 3 1/2 hours at the restaurant. Even though it’s 2 hours earlier in California, both John and I were exhausted.

Tomorrow we will meet with Chris and his family for a day of fun somewhere. If the weather cooperates, we’ll go to the lake and play on the boat.

Oh, one note of interest... We stepped out of the airport and were immediately greeted with a great flash of lightning and a fantastic follow-up of thunder. John and I don’t get to see thunderstorms often where we live.

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