No More Butter Brickle!

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Some of the items on my “to do” list for this trip are more fun and frivolous. One is a visit to the local Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy store. This was somewhat of a tradition in our family when we lived in Tulsa. I especially remember trips with my granddad.

So, we went to the store on 51st Street between Sheridan and Yale. I was all set to have a scoop of my favorite (and Granddad’s favorite) - Butter Brickle. But alas, that flavor was apparently retired. They did have Black Walnut, which I think is my dad’s favorite, but I don’t like nuts in my ice cream. I got a scoop of cappuccino chocolate chunk. It was good, but it was not special. John had a scoop of the black walnut.

But the funniest thing about the visit to Braum’s was the experience with the cashier. I also wanted a soda, and they had a DIY fountain, so John said, “and one medium soda” to the cashier. There was lots of confusion. She did not understand and John repeated the request. I suddenly remembered that we are in the south and just as I was about ready to step in and fix the order request, she got it. “Ah, and one medium coke”, she said. I then happily got my own “coke” of the flavor Diet Dr. Pepper.

© Karen Bell 2012