On to Dallas!


We left Tulsa this morning right after breakfast. We actually stayed an extra day because John has had a cold and we thought an extra day of rest would be good for him. He is feeling much better today. So far, I haven’t caught it. We’ll see. The good news for both of us is that this is “day 4” of the cold.

So, we pulled into our hotel in Plano around 2:30 in the afternoon. They are remodeling parts of the hotel, so we had to walk gingerly on the newly laid tile. I think the changes will make the hotel look more updated, but it’s a Fairfield Inn and is in pretty good shape already.

We drove out to Garland to take photos of Cindy’s and Jerry’s house when they lived here. The house is beautiful and now we understand why Cindy loved it so much. The particular street they lived on had some nice lush trees, which is a bit uncommon for the area. The photo on this blog page is the Garland house.

After that drive, we headed for Addison and checked out the apartment complex where I lived. It looks pretty much the same but is a bit run down. The area has been built up a lot and a tollway (multi-lane highway with service roads in each direction) has been put in. I think this happened many years ago, but it really affects the way the whole neighborhood looks. I felt very comfortable driving around Tulsa, but the streets of Addison are so foreign to me. How interesting!

Tomorrow we head for San Antonio. My parents are arriving on a 4:30 pm flight and we’ll pick them up at the airport. We will have 2.5 days with them before they head back to Colorado and we head on to Houston. We had to give up Austin because of John’s cold and our extra day in Tulsa. Oh well...

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