On to Houston


This morning we got up a little earlier than usual so we could have a special farewell breakfast before taking my parents to catch their flight back to Denver. We asked a local where the best place to eat a Southern breakfast was, and she told us to go to the Guenther House, which was about a half mile down the road. She actually sounded jealous that we were going to be there and she wasn’t! Well, she was right about the food. It was really outstanding, and the ambiance of the restaurant was great too. It turns out that the Guenthers were famous for Pioneer Flour, which was a big business in San Antonio. Well, the restaurant definitely knows how to cook up flour-based items. Between the four of us, we had pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos, and coffee cake. All was excellent, and it was a great way to end a great weekend.

After dropping my parents off at the airport, we headed east to Houston. We took a brief side trip to check out my old house on Timberwood and also to stop by the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church where I attended Sunday School for a number of years. The old house looks pretty good, and most of the houses in the neighborhood are well kept. The shopping centers around the area are a bit run down and most are now Vietnamese or Hispanic. There is a ton of freeway construction on I-10 at Gessner and there are skyscrapers going in across the street from Memorial City. Such changes!

We arrived at Val’s around 3:00 in the afternoon and had a nice visit with him. He showed us around his new house and we made ourselves at home. About 6:00 we went over to Rick and Valerie’s, where we enjoyed some wine and got a couple of pizzas for dinner. It was great to see everyone again, and great for me to meet the girls now that they are older. Val is hosting a dinner at his house on Wednesday and we’ll get to see everyone again there. I’m hoping Sheryl and Joe will be able to come as well.

I’ll post some photos of the Timberwood place on this web site in the next day or two.

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