On To Tulsa


After the Steamboat Arabia Museum, we drove to Tulsa, where we plan to spend a couple of days. We drove into town around 4:30 or 5:00 and got settled into our hotel room.

After a bit of relaxation, we decided to drive around the old neighborhood where I used to live. The photo on this blog entry is a picture of the house on E 46th St where I lived from 1971 to 1976. I almost did not recognize the house. The red bricks are the same, but the front shingles are a replacement of the original wood trim. I don’t recall any shutters on the windows, and I don’t recall a bricked front porch. But I do remember the light post that is located squarely in front of the door so that the paper boy has an obstacle to miss when tossing the paper on the front porch.

We also drove to my grandparents’ house (Jessie and Ray). There is now a gate that prevents strangers from driving more than a couple of car lengths onto the driveway. I stuck the camera through the gate and took a couple of photos of the house. It seems to be in great shape and is now painted a nice neutral beige.

Tomorrow we plan to photograph the graves of the relatives I can find. John found a complete transcription of the Rose Hill Cemetery, so I’ve got a good idea where to find many of the people there. I will need help finding Hassel’s grave, even though I was there only a couple of years ago.

We have decided to add Austin to our itinerary, so we will probably only spend 2 nights in Tulsa.

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