The Fish Whisperer

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John and I spent most of the day with Chris, Amy, Logan and Sloan. We spent some time hanging out with the family and relaxing before heading into town for lunch and then to Kansas City for some tourist action.

John got a chance to try out the kids’ Guitar Hero game, which was a ton of fun. Logan is quite accomplished at the game and was having a good time playing for a new audience. Sloan was playing Peggle, another of John’s favorite video games. All in all, we had a blast before we even began the sightseeing.

We decided to go to the Steamboat Arabia museum, but by the time we got there in the late afternoon, the last tour had already left. John and I plan to go back tomorrow to spend some time there. The museum looks really cool and we definitely want to see it.

We also missed the local planetarium showings, so we decided instead to go to Union Station to look around and to see if we could get into the Bodies Revealed exhibit there. Sure enough, we were able to get tickets to Bodies Revealed. John and I had both seen a similar exhibit in San Jose in January called Body Worlds 2. But it was cool to go here with the kids. Amazingly, Logan loves to go to museums. This is definitely not something I thought was particularly fun until at least high school.

We returned back to Chris and Amy’s house and were treated to a delicious “Bell Family Recipe” chicken dinner.

Now for the “fish whisperer” story... It turns out that a while back the Bell family aquarium had a particularly aggressive fish. Amy decided to remove the fish and give it to a friend who had only one fish left in the tank. It turns out that the one remaining fish was quite aggressive as well (probably why it was the survivor) and it was very aggressive towards Amy’s fish. Amy took the fish back and when it was put back into its own tank, it was cured of its aggression. Now Amy is known as the Fish Whisperer!

Tomorrow we will go back to the Steamboat Arabia museum and will then head south to Tulsa.

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The Fish Whisperer!  That's beautiful!  Glad you didn't include the story of the homicide (actually, I guess it would be "fishicide") she committed against the other fish who couldn't control his bodily functions well enough to suit her! :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - 03:00 PM

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