The Gathering


After breakfast this morning, we took a trip to Lake Livingston to see Val’s new vacation home and to play on his new jet ski. Isabel and her boyfriend David joined us. We picked up Val’s girlfriend Dottie at her home in Forest Cove on the way to Livingston. The kids had never seen the home or been on this jet ski. They absolutely had a blast and Isabel was a great pilot! She is fearless too. Dottie and Val took an hour tour of the lake and John and I just enjoyed relaxing on the swings. We had a quick sandwich lunch and then headed back for Houston. It was a quick trip, but we all had a good time.

This evening Val cooked up some shish kebobs and we had a great dinner on his outdoor patio on the 4th floor at rooftop level. The weather was perfect. For Houston, it was only a little humid and there was a gentle breeze. We actually had twelve people at the dinner: Valerie, Rick, Isabel, Gabby, Camille, David, Sheryl, Joe, Val, Dottie, John, and me. Wow! It was really fun and the food was terrific.

Tomorrow John and I will be leaving for Oakland on a 9:00 am flight. We’ll have a couple of days to relax before returning to work on Tuesday after the Memorial Day holiday.

© Karen Bell 2012