Tulsa's First Presbyterian Church

church pano

Amazingly, we did not get any rain today, even though the forecast clearly called for some severe thunderstorms. Some of the roads were very wet, indicating that rain fell while we were not present, so the two of us had a dry day. Tomorrow the forecast is for more rain, so I doubt we will be able to dodge it much longer. John wants to see a tornado; I am sooo not into that...

In the late afternoon today, we decided to drive to downtown Tulsa. I am not very familiar with the downtown area, but I remembered that the First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa was in that area, and since my parents were married in that church and my grandparents attended it for years, I wanted to check it out.

We made it there about dusk and took a number of photos. We did not try to go inside, and it was likely locked anyway. The church celebrated its centennial in 1985.

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