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So today John and I visited the graves of most of my relatives that lived in Tulsa.

Buried in Memorial Park Cemetery are my grandparents on my mom’s side: William & Hassel Boutz. Although I was at the grave site as recently as January, 2003, I still had trouble locating the graves, even with the help of a map from the administration office. But I was finally able to find them. I had not seen Hassel’s plaque before, and it looks nice and simple. You can check out the photos on the Albums page.

I was able to locate the following graves in Rose Hill Cemetery with the help of some maps provided by the on-site funeral home.

  • Floyd Ray & Jessie E Bell (my father’s parents)
  • William El Mar & Florence Zada Bell (Jessie’s parents)
  • Ada S Baker Bell (F Ray’s mother)
  • Glenn LaForge (Jessie’s brother)
  • Wallace Victor (Toby) LaForge (Jessie’s brother)
  • Marguerite LaForge Taylor (Jessie’s sister)
  • Val J & Margaret (Peggy) LaForge (Jessie’s brother and sister-in-law)

Photos of all the graves and some selected views of the cemeteries and mausoleums are posted in the Albums section of this web site. I plan to post photos on Find-a-Grave at some point.

Both cemeteries are well-kept and all the grave markers are in good shape. A few weeds were covering the edges of some of the flat markers, but they were easily removed. Unfortunately, we did not have our “tombstone cleaning kit” with us or we would have cleaned off more of the dirt so that the images could be more easily read.

After checking out the grave sites, we also drove by Grandmother Hassel’s house on S Birmingham Ave. Sadly, the current owners do not appear to be keeping it up well. In addition, someone converted the garage into living space. I took a couple of photos anyway, and you can find them on the Albums page under Tulsa Homes.

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Just a minor correction - William and Florence were LaForges rather than Bells as indicated above.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - 03:08 PM

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