Mt. Rushmore 3D Images

Most of you that know John know that he has a fascination with stereoscopic images. He has a 35mm camera that enables him to take stereoscopic photos, and he has used this camera on many vacations. But it is not digital and who uses film these days? With digital photography the possibilities are endless.

So, in addition to the hardware that enables John to take portraits for the panoramas, he also has a piece of hardware that lets him take two photographs that can be put together to make a stereoscopic image. When the two pieces of hardware are put together, he can mount the camera in portrait mode to take better photos for stereoscopic viewing.

Now that we are a few days into the trip, John is starting to produce some of the stereoscopic images and I am putting them on the web site.

If you can see out of both eyes, you can learn to view the images without a viewer. John has grouped the images in triplets. The triplet contains a Left Image (L), a Right Image (R), and a repeat of the Left Image (L). You can view the stereoscopic image using a “parallel view” by looking at the left most pair LR. You can view the stereoscopic image using a “cross-eyed view” by looking at the right most pair RL. Instructions for viewing using each of these methods is explained here.

Use the sample image below to practice. Click on the links at the end of this page to view the collections of stereoscopic images taken at each attraction.

       L                    R                  L

Collections of stereoscopic images:

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