A Day With Friends

Today we went to Littleton to visit Lenora and Kerry. I have apparently known Lenora since my parents brought me home from the hospital after my birth, and our families continue to stay in touch.

We first went to Mt Falcon and had a wonderful picnic lunch at a shaded picnic spot with a great mountain view. Next, we drove to Evergreen Lake and the surrounding countryside. The photo in this blog entry was taken of Lenora and Kerry at Evergreen Lake.

Then we drove up to Red Rocks to take a look at the amphitheater, but we could not tour it because they were getting ready for a concert. Still, we got to see the Denver skyline from there and had a chance to look at the unusual rock formations and surrounding geological happenings.

Next we did a tour of Lenora’s childhood neighborhood and I was surprised that I actually recognized the house after so many years. The neighborhood still looked like it was in pretty good shape, and Lenora’s high school looked the same as I remembered it.

We drove back to Lenora’s and Kerry’s house for some relaxed conversation and fun with their dogs. We topped the night off with a dinner at the local Ted’s, where I enjoyed my bison meatloaf and accompanying side dishes.

We saw a total of 4 Prii today. This is the most we have seen on any given day of the vacation so far.

Tomorrow is a completely free and unplanned day until we meet our friend Jody, who will be arriving late in the evening.

© Karen Bell 2012