Adding Panoramas

Only a few more days before we depart, and we are busy getting all the important things taken care of. Among these is the addition of 360-degree panoramas to the web site. We have taken a couple of photos from our neck of the woods (Northern California) and have put the 360-degree panoramas on the web site. We will be replacing these with images we take while on the trip.

First, kudos go to Echo One with their fabulous panorama stitch software called Double Take. After John tried several other software packages, he was amazed at how easily he could stitch together photos with this $16 piece of shareware. You do need a Mac and the version he bought requires Mac OS X 10.4. Other software is required to create the Quick Time 360-degree VR. And finally, there is the hardware. In addition to the Canon Digital Sure Shot S2 IS camera, he also uses a standard tripod and a King Pano mounting device (pictured here).

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