Big Sky, MT

Today was all about driving. We left Post Falls around 9:30 after spending some last minute time with e-mails and web pages. We did the Starbucks ritual and wondered if it would be our last Starbucks for a while. It did turn out to be the only Starbucks for the day.

The drive was about 7 hours and we had a one hour time zone adjustment to Mountain Daylight Time. We got to the hotel late in the evening during sunset. It is truly beautiful here.

Shortly after we entered Montana, we started seeing signs for the Cmon Inn. I did not get it at first until John read the sign out loud. It made me laugh. I really wanted to stay there, but we had to move on. I just looked it up on the web and this is apparently a chain and also the object of some trivia game questions.Check out their web site if you want to learn more.

Big Sky is a big ski resort and it’s pretty dead in the summer. We have a wonderful room with a big desk for our computers and high speed internet access. The access is wired only, so I plugged in my Airport Express to provide wireless for both of us.

We did laundry again today so that we can maximize our time in the park over the next 3 days. The laundry facility is on the first floor just under our fourth floor room. I was able to see my Airport Express from the laundry room, so it as not so boring to be down there for a couple of hours. I bet I am the only person to have gotten access from that place though! Now I am really glad I brought the Airport Express!

Tomorrow we will start our tour of Yellowstone. We plan to spend about two days there and at least one day at Grand Tetons. We’re not sure three days is enough time, so we might try to find a way to add a fourth. You would think that a month-long road trip would be plenty to do everything, but time really does fly.

One final note for the blog entry today. Tomorrow night we have reservations at a hotel that has dial-up access only. The day after that we may stay again at that hotel or may move on. So, I will very likely not be able to publish any pages for a couple of days. I do plan to document the trip during this time, so expect a couple of entries whenever I resurface.

© Karen Bell 2012