Black Hills to Denver

We did the big long drive from Hill City, SD to Denver, CO today. It really is not all that far, but we spent a good 8 hours on the road including stops.

We drove through the western part of Nebraska so that we could make a quick stop at Chimney Rock and so we could both add Nebraska to our list of visited states. When we got to the visitor center, we realized that Chimney Rock is one of the images on the Nebraska state quarter, which came out in April, 2006. So, check your pockets to see if you already have an image of this famous rock. Or, take a look at the Chimney Rock Photos posted on our site.

There’s not a lot to do in this part of the country. It is definitely plains area and very windy. During a 100 mile stretch of highway, we were getting only about 33 miles per gallon and we speculate it was due to the strong winds and the fact that we were driving 75 mph. Still, that is a record low for Miss Priuscilla.

We saw one Silver Pine Prius as we were leaving the Black Hills of South Dakota. This is our only Prius sighting in 3 days of visiting that state.

As we drove through Fort Collins John spotted a Starbucks sign, so we pulled off the freeway and got a couple of mochas. Yum!

We arrived in Denver at the hotel about 5:30 local time. We have an unplanned day tomorrow and will then meet with a lifelong friend of mine on Tuesday. Wednesday is unplanned except for the arrival of our friend Jody. Then we are off to central Colorado.

© Karen Bell 2012