Crater Lake

This morning we drove to Crater Lake National Park and took a leisurely drive around the rim. It was spectacular. The last time we were here, it was foggy and snowing. We never even saw the lake. But this time was a different story. The weather was fabulous and the views were gorgeous and plentiful.

John took a number of 360-degree panoramas and also dabbled in some 3D photos.

Today the Prius did very well with a whopping 49 miles per gallon average over the day. We started out with a climb up 6000 feet from Medford to Crater Lake in which the car did a respectable 38 mpg. Then we took advantage of the downhill trek to regenerate battery charge with engine braking assistance. I am impressed that we can get 49 mpg in a fairly mountainous region.

We also spotted 4 Prii today, which astounded me, since we had only seen 2 yesterday and they were both basically in the Bay Area. We saw all 4 cars at Crater Lake and did not see any between there and Portland.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument before heading for the Columbia River Gorge and then on to Post Falls, ID.

Check out the Crater Lake Photos and the Crater Lake Panorama (3.3 MB) for proof of our visit.

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