Denver Museum of Nature & Science

We have the next three days to play in Denver before heading to central Colorado to visit my parents.

After a few failed attempts at locating a Starbucks (Miss Priuscilla has old maps), we finally found one in a nearby Albertsons. More about the elusive Starbucks later.

Today we went to the Denver Museum of Nature & Sciences. This used to be the Denver Museum of Natural History and has always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. Now they have expanded the building and have an IMAX theater and some extra exhibits. The planetarium now has digital shows, and we saw the one on Black Holes. Basically, scientists still don’t know squat about Black Holes and are trying to piece things together in a way that works. It feels like when you are guessing at Mastermind and there are still a lot of possibilities. But, I leave this heavy science stuff to the next generation.

Still part of the original museum exhibits are the “Gems and Minerals” section and the wildlife dioramas. I enjoyed both again today. The photo for today’s blog is an image of the “Alma King”, the world’s largest rhodochrosite crystal found in Alma, CO in 1992. It is on display at the museum with a video of the actual discovery, which I thought was pretty cool.

We spent a couple of hours at the museum and then had a reservation to take a tour at the Denver Mint. We had a lot of trouble finding parking, and then the Mint was so restrictive about what was and was not allowed in that we abandoned the idea of doing the tour. Basically, you can’t take anything in with you that is electronic or a purse or a checkbook or large wallet. I’m surprised they don’t make you do the tour naked. They also do not conduct any tours during Orange Alerts. So, this part was a bust and we returned to the hotel.

Tomorrow we meet up with my friend Lenora and her husband Kerry for a picnic at Falcon Park. Lenora and I were next door neighbors when I was born (she is a year older than me) and our families have kept in touch through the years. I can’t wait to see her again, and I’m really glad Kerry was able to take the day off as well.

We saw one white Prius in Denver this morning. Our current gas tank is slowly climbing up to 40 mpg after that windy trip through NE / WY yesterday.

And finally, back to the Starbucks story. We did finally locate the one we were searching and it is open until 10:00 pm every night! We will be going back. Not all of the roads are even on the Starbucks map itself or mapquest, so I guess I have to give Miss Priuscilla a bit of a break.

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