Durango, CO

Today we woke up to clear skies and a beautiful sunrise. The Prius was  covered with about 1/2” of snow and the rabbits were playing underneath her. I finally figured out why they are so attracted to this car (we had them hiding there in Denver as well) - the car keeps a thermos of coolant hot for up to three days in order to reduce the amount of emissions on initial startup. I think this must provide the rabbits with radiant heat.

We left my parents’ house around 9:30 and drove over Wolf Creek Pass to Durango. We did not have any traffic problems or any issues with the snow; however, we did see where the road up Wolf Creek Pass had been plowed. It was stunningly beautiful to see the golden aspen trees and green fir trees against the white background of snow. We are so lucky to have been able to have a beautiful snowfall without all of the associated hassles.

We got into Durango around 2:30 or so and checked into the hotel. The room is especially nice for the class of hotel and the staff are very friendly. Our favorite finding is the inclusion of a small rubber duckie in the bathroom amenities. This makes a fun toy for kids and adults as well.

John and I decided to stay an extra 2 nights here so we can do the Durango / Silverton Narrowguage Railroad trip on Monday. We will take the bus up to Silverton and then ride the train back down to Durango. It’s an all-day trip and is apparently very scenic. I did this trip with my parents when I was about 3 and of course I don’t remember it.

Jody, John and I located the cemetery in Duriango where some of Jody’s ancestors are buried. We let Priuscilla take us to the advertized address and then it was a treasure hunt to actually locate the cemetery. We had a waypoint that we plugged into a mobile GPS and finally got out of the car and walked in between a couple of residential homes to find ourselves on the old overgrown cemetery. Amazingly, we were able to locate a number of the graves and headstones of Jody’s family members. It was difficult to cover the area due to the broken headstones and overgrowth. We may try to go back tomorrow to do a more thorough search. We left the cemetery when we saw some thunderstorms approaching the area.

We also attempetd to locate some property owned by one of Jody’s ancestors. We got within about three tenths of a mile of it but were unable to see it due to the hillside in the way and lack of roads leading anywhere. We searched a topographical map from the internet when we got back to the hotel room and determined that we probably cannot really get to the exact location.

We spent a couple of hours enjoying the downtown area of Durango and then enjoyed dinner at a local Italian restaurant within walking distance of the hotel.

We had 2 Prii sightings today. The first was a Colorado-plated Driftwood car that we followed up Wolf Creek Pass. The second we just sow in passing on the other side of the pass.

Of note, we did see an Insight today and on further inspection, we determined that it was the exact same vehicle we had seen driving through Denver on our way to Boulder. We were in the small town of Salida when we saw it today. We are positive it is the same car because it was from TN and it had some memorable bumper stickers.

Tomorrow we will probably go to Silverton to check out more of Jody’s ancestors. She is leaving for home out of Durango tomorrow night.

© Karen Bell 2012