Grand Teton National Park

We got up at 6:00 again this morning so we could get an early start on our visit to Grand Teton National Park.

We decided to spend one more night in West Yellowstone tonight, so we extended our stay at the Stage Coach Inn. Unfortunately, we had to change rooms to the older section of the hotel. But the cool thing is that the new room is actually bigger and has some advantages over the other room. Bottom line: both are very nice rooms and it was just a bit of a hassle to collect up our stuff and move it. Oh well...

We drove south along the eastern Idaho border and cut back to Wyoming, through Jackson and into Grand Teton National Park from the south. This was a neat drive (we got the idea from a tour map we saw in the hotel lobby), and had the added benefit of avoiding the West Yellowstone park entrance, which gets clogged with visitors.

GTNP is extremely scenic and serene and a nice contrast to the hustle and bustle of Yellowstone. The mountains are stunning, and the rugged shapes remind me of the Alps. We even saw a couple of glaciers and some beautiful lakes. We took our time driving through the park but did not do any hiking. We stopped at a number of turnouts and drove to Jenny Lake. John got several good panoramas and some other fabulous photos that I can’t wait to get on the web site.

We left the park through the north entrance and entered Yellowstone from its south entrance. We got a few interesting photos at windy Lake Lewis and made one more stop at Old Faithful to check out the geyser schedule for the other predictable geysers. Nothing was going to go off anytime soon, so we decided to move on.

We made one final stop at Fountain Mudpot and got some great photos. We saw a really colorful pool called Silex Spring and a very noisy fumarole. Plus, we did get a couple of lesser-known geysers that were spraying a bit. Not really an “eruption” though.

As we got very close to the west entrance of the park, we saw a herd of elk. Of course the first sign of this was the numerous cars parked alongside the road. But we pulled over and were rewarded with some great photos, including a nice photo of a bull elk posing for the camera.

In the evening we took a stroll around West Yellowstone. It was quite pleasant. We stopped at the Bookworms used book store, which was a fascinating place. John was wearing his NCMUG shirt, and the store clerk actually asked which Mac Users group we belonged to. How cool! She is a Mac owner as well and has been ever since she started using a computer about 9 years ago.

Prii count for today was 2. Gas mileage for this round trip was an incredible 52.2 miles per gallon. Go Prius!

© Karen Bell 2012