Moab, UT

Today we got up at the usual time (7:00 am) and grabbed our complimentary breakfast before checking out of the hotel. When asked if I had any problems with the stay, I did mention that the person who helped in the breakfast area the previous two days really needed an attitude adjustment. She has been problematic since we arrived and was actually rude to pretty much everyone. She especially disliked me because I spilled a little milk on the first day and she had to “clean up my mess”. Jody, John and I dubbed her “Grumpy Gretta”. Well, the hotel staff apparently refers to her as “Mean Marilyn” because her name is actually Marilyn and everyone knows she is mean. The hotel e-mailed me a survey, so I will be making an official complaint about Mean Marilyn.

After breakfast we stopped at the downtown Starbucks for the morning ritual. Sally, the attendant from the Silver Vista rail car on yesterday’s trip, works at the Starbucks and we got to chat for just a few minutes. She seems to genuinely enjoy her jobs, and I have to say that in general, the employees at this Starbucks all seem to do well and are very accurate with the drink orders. Perhaps they should provide some training in the Sonoma County area...

We drove from Durango, CO to Moab, UT and checked into our hotel by noon or so. We do not have to be anywhere until tomorrow morning, so we get a little down time and some time do do laundry.

We saw two Prii today. We have now put 5000 miles on Priuscilla during this trip. She is now complaining that she wants her oil changed and her tires rotated. But there are no Toyota dealers in the area until we get to Salt Lake City. At this point, I am not willing to have anyone other than a Prius Technician touch the car, so she may have to wait just a tad longer. Oh well...

Tomorrow we have hooked up with a company called Tag-A-Long Tours that offers 4X4 drives into Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. We plan to do both parks through them tomorrow and will then decide if we want to stay one more day or move on to Capitol Reef.

© Karen Bell 2012