Mount Rushmore!

Well, we finally made it all the way to Mt Rushmore! We left Sheridan, WY about 9:00 this morning and got into Rapid City, SD around lunchtime.

After taking in a Starbucks run (we have been deprived for several days now), we drove straight to Mt Rushmore. It had been raining off and on during the drive up and we could see a break in the weather, so we decided to just go for it.

We were able to take all the photos we wanted and to do the Presidential Trail, which takes you as close to the faces as you are allowed to go. We also got to see Gutzon Borglum’s studio and some of the original models for the sculpture. It was well worth the 250-step climb. Check out the Mt Rushmore photos to see proof of our visit.

We are staying at a Best Western in Hill City, which is only about 15 minutes from Mt Rushmore and about the same distance from Crazy Horse. We plan to visit Crazy Horse tomorrow.

It looks like a cold front is moving in, so exactly what we do next will depend a bit on the weather conditions. They are predicting some snow in the general area, but I’m not sure whether or not we will actually see any.

No Prius sightings again today. We drove about 75 miles per hour on the Interstate to get to Rapid City from Sheridan, and we averaged about 46 miles per gallon. (Yes, the speed limit is 75.)

© Karen Bell 2012