Post Falls, ID

Today we made our way from The Dalles, OR up to Post Falls, ID. It was about a 300 mile drive through varied scenery. The weather was beautiful but windy the entire way.

At one point, we stopped at a rest area near Othello, WA (pronounced “middle-of-nowhere”). The sign outside the restroom entrance said, “WI-FI Hot Spot”. What? Why don’t they have these in California?

Our Prius count for today was 2. We saw a “classic” (pre-2004) mint green version that we passed on I-84, and we happened to glance up at the right moment to notice an oncoming Seaside Pearl model like mine traveling south along US 395 near the Othello rest area.

Our gas mileage today was about 48 miles per gallon give or take. This is about par for what I get in the Bay Area with 2 people in the car. It is still nice to fill up the car and only pay about $20 at the pump. All gas in Oregon seems to cost $2.99 per gallon.

Finally, I must tell the Starbucks Duetto card story of the day. We went to the only Starbucks in The Dalles this morning. It was located inside the Safeway store. They said they took Starbucks cards, so I handed the barista my Duetto card. She truly had never seen one before and did not know what it was. The other employee was equally baffled. But they managed to get it right and have the Starbucks side of the card get billed without touching the Visa side. This is better than some of the ones in the Bay Area that see Duetto cards all the time.

We did not take any photos today; however, the web site has been updated with additional photos from previous days. It turns out that photo and panorama production is extremely time consuming, as are the web pages that support them. But we are both enjoying the work, since we get to reflect on our favorite vacation moments as we go.

I have started putting dates on the Photos and Panoramas pages next to each link to show when it was last added or updated.

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