Silver Cliff, CO

This morning my dad made his famous “animal pancakes” for breakfast. These were a tradition for my brother and me when we were growing up and apparently Jody’s grandma used to fix them also. Yum! After some fun dogs, cats and squirrels, we enjoyed the amoeba-shaped pancakes which are much less labor-intensive.

Today we drove to Silver Cliff, CO in Custer County. We had two goals in mind and we were successful in both. The first was to locate the headstones of a couple of Jody’s ancestors that are buried in Ula Cemetery near Silver Cliff. We found the cemetery and after some looking around, John spotted the grave site. It was a fenced-in family plot with about 5 burials in it. John and Jody took lots of photos to document the plot and headstones. It was snowing and we all got wet from mid-shin to toes. My waterproof shoes withstood the test and my feet stayed dry. Jody and John were not as lucky.

After lunching at a local restaurant (the weather was too wet for our picnic food), we set out to locate the plot of land that these ancestors (the ones buried in Ula) lived on. Jody had acquired the waypoint from a web site and we plugged the numbers into our GPS and started driving. It was definitely a challenge, but we did eventually got the correct numbers in the GPS and were able to locate where we think the ranch was. We even found an old road on what we think was the property and some houses nearby that might have been part of it. We took some photos and declared it a success.

On the way back we stopped in Salida and had some coffee drinks at a local espresso place. I tried my mom’s favorite, the Aztec Mocha, and it was pretty tasty. It has cinnamon and cayenne in addition to the traditional coffee, chocolate, and steamed milk items. Yum! You can’t get this drink at Starbucks.

We topped the evening off with my dad’s famous family chicken meal. This is a special request that John and I made from him before we came. It was every bit as delicious as we knew it would be. Oh, and did I mention the homemade peanut butter cookies? He made those too. He is apparently known in the neighborhood as the “Cookie Man” and I can see why.

The internet service at my parents’ house is still not working, despite a number of phone calls and visits from various people. Hopefully this will get fixed on Monday, but that is why I cannot publish these pages yet.

No Prii sightings again today, but again, we are in rural CO and I’m not expecting to see any.

It is currently 11:30 pm and there is about an inch of snow on the ground outside. It continues to fall and the outside temperature is 31. Hopefully we will not have too much trouble leaving for Durango tomorrow.

© Karen Bell 2012