Silverton, CO

Today we drove from Durango to Silverton to spend some time in the town and check out the museum if it happened to be open on Sunday.

We had a beautiful drive over two mountain passes with scenic overlooks up to Silverton. The museum was open and it was a pretty interesting place. It used to be the Silverton Jail and they had some of the original cells and associated equipment inside. Attached to this museum is a new mining museum that is still under construction. It is also very interesting and has a lot of mining equipment and various historical pieces of memorabilia to go along with it. We probably spent an hour to an hour and a half in these two museums.

Next, we took a walk through downtown Silverton. We window shopped and admired the old buildings. We had a map that told us the history of each of the important buildings in the town. It as fun to think about what this town must have been like in the 1880s. One thing that we noticed immediately when we had entered the town was that it was amazing that the town survived at all. It is practically cut off by the mountain passes and even the grocery store carries a large amount of canned goods to help people get through the winter. There was a small amount of snow on the ground leftover from the recent snows in the area. Very beautiful indeed, but this is not a place I would like to live.

We tried to get a mocha at one of the local coffee shops, but we gave up after waiting for several minutes without even a hint from the guy behind the counter that we were there.

After returning to the hotel to eat lunch, we decided to spend the last few hours before Jody’s departure back at the cemetery in Durango where she had located some of her ancestors’ headstones. She bought some crayons and paper at the local grocery store, and when we got to the cemetery, Jody made rubbings of a couple of the headstones. They came out great and John and I promised to take care of them and deliver them to her when we get back. During this trip to the cemetery, John discovered a memorial that included one of the ancestors buried in the cemetery. That was pretty exciting and not something we noticed yesterday.

We had to drop Jody off at the airport in Durango so that she could return home and go to work tomorrow. The three of us had a blast together and we hope to be able to do another trip together in the future.

We had three Prius sightings today.

Tomorrow John and I have reservations on the Durango / Silverton Narrowguage train. We are taking the bus to Silverton and will then take the train back to Durango. We got reservations in the new Silver Vista car, which is a glass-enclosed dome car that was just added to the line in May of this year. We hope to be able to get some good photos and to see some great scenery. We will also stay tomorrow night in Durango before heading to our next destination.

© Karen Bell 2012