We're Off!

The trip is finally here and we are off and roaming. We made it from Petaluma to Medford, OR today. Not a super long drive, but now we have some mileage under our belt. Tomorrow we plan to visit Crater Lake and then head towards the Columbia River Gorge.

We are driving a 2004 Toyota Prius, so some of the blog will contain little factoids about how well the Prius is doing and what sort of gas mileage we are getting. Today we only saw 2 other Prii, one in Petaluma and one near Fairfield. Leave the Bay Area and apparently you leave the Prii behind as well. For today’s drive, which included trekking through part of the Shasta National Forest, we got an average of about 44 miles per gallon.

And while we are on the subject of cars, what is up with that Scion (Sigh-Yawn) thing? It looks like a box on wheels and a couple of them were trying to get up the mountain. We passed them. I feel sorry for the owners (apology to my house cleaners who have one, but they don’t love it anyway). The Sigh-Yawn boring box model xB looks like this:

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