Yellowstone to Sheridan, WY

We had a bit of a rough night in the new hotel room. We liked the room well enough, but the new room (in the old part of the hotel) had a very loud air conditioner. Neither of us slept that well and we got up around 6:30 and spent time on photos and web pages in anticipation of the long-awaited Internet access that we knew we would get this evening.

We drove through Yellowstone one final time, this time exiting through the East Entrance. The road is under construction and we were stopped several times for a total of at least 30 minutes, but we got to take in some sights we had not yet seen.

And the road through Shoshone National Forest was spectacular! We stopped in Cody for a quick break and then headed into Bighorn National Forest on the way to Sheridan, WY. We climbed to a little over 9000 feet and had breathtaking views of this interesting area. I will post some photos of Wyoming on the web site once they are produced.

We did not see any Prii today, but we managed to sustain about 51 miles per gallon for the course of the day. We started out at about 4500 feet and we are currently in Sheridan, which is at 3800 feet. Still, I am surprised that the Prius enjoys mountain driving so much.

Tomorrow we drive on to Keystone, where we will stay for a couple of days and visit Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and a few other sites before leaving South Dakota to make our way to Denver.

© Karen Bell 2012