I have kept track of all the hotels we have stayed in on this road trip. I have listed the hotels alphabetically by state, then by city. That way you can look up a location and then see where we stayed. I have included a brief description of each hotel and what we liked and disliked about each. If there is an appropriate web page that describes the specific hotel, I have tried to include it.

Here are some of the things we looked for while hotel shopping.

High speed internet access

On site laundry facilities

Non-smoking room


Complimentary or on site breakfast

Proximity to attraction


The most important item was to have a non-smoking room. Next was high speed internet access. The laundry thing was only an issue on days we needed to do laundry, and we did laundry twice at a laundromat anyway.

California (no hotel stays)


    Aurora (Denver area) - 4 nights

        Country Inn & Suites, Denver International Airport - Clean and quiet rooms; nice laundry facility; microwave and refrigerator in room; high speed internet access; great complimentary breakfast that includes scrambled eggs, sausage, and make-it-yourself waffles. We had a bad smell in the bathroom that was probably the result of the design of the room ventilation. It went away when we opened the windows, but we basically ended up just tolerating it. We had a reservation for a second room for Jody and the hotel or the chain or someone lost her reservation. The hotel was also in the middle of a computer system change. In the end, they gave Jody a room and probably messed someone else up later. The hotel sent me a survey, so I told them what I thought. Then, amazingly, they credited my Visa with $25 and sent me a certificate for a free night in the hotel. I have to say that I was never ever going to go back, but now I will probably give them another chance. This hotel got good reviews from Expedia and Trip Advisor.

    Durango - 3 nights

        Comfort Inn - nothing fancy but clean rooms; high speed internet access; no laundry facility on site but laundromat 1/2 block away; complimentary breakfast; room was noisy the third night due to thin walls / ceilings. The biggest problem we had here was with breakfast. Jody was with us the first night and all three of us had negative experiences at breakfast. The room was not designed for correct flow. The food was hard to get at, and the person in charge of the breakfast area had a horrible attitude and was rude to customers. Amazingly, I was sent an e-mail survey to fill out and was subsequently contacted by Comfort Inn to learn more about my breakfast experience. I got the distinct impression that a field person would be visiting the hotel. I am now convinced that making reservations directly with the hotel through the internet is providing a new avenue of feedback for hotel chains. Yes!

    Mesa Antero - 2 nights

        “Hotel Mom” (really, we stayed with my parents) - the only thing lacking here was high speed internet access, and that was purely the result of some technical problems the ISP was having. Of course you can never compare a visit with your parents to any hotel!


    Post Falls - 2 nights

        Comfort Inn - comfortable room; high speed internet access; complimentary breakfast; no laundry facility on site, even though the Expedia web site claims there is. The staff was nice and we had a good stay here. The laundromat is down the street about a 1/2 mile away. There is a microwave for general guest use in the common area.


    Big Sky - 1 night

        The Mountain Inn - nice large room with microwave and refrigerator; high speed wired internet access; laundry facility on site; complimentary breakfast. The scenery is pretty, even in summer, but this is a ski resort and there is not much here for summer guests.

    West Yellowstone - 2 nights

        Stage Coach Inn - comfortable and clean; elevator; no complimentary breakfast; no internet access; nice comfortable lobby; western look and feel that is fun. We stayed here two nights but had to switch rooms the second night due the way they had allocated rooms. The first night we were in a newer room and the second night an older room. The newer room was smaller with a bigger bathroom. I liked the older room better except for one major issue - the cooling system was a portable air conditioner that was very loud and actually gave up in the middle of the night. Thankfully it was not all that hot in the room anyway. I would not stay in an older room in the summer.

Nebraska (no hotel stays)


    Winnemucca - 1 night

        Super 8 Motel - inexpensive; high speed internet access; clean room; complimentary breakfast; bare essentials but acceptable. There is a microwave in the lobby for guest use.


    Hillsboro (Portland area) - 1 night

        Red Lion Inn - large room with microwave and refrigerator; high speed internet access; sofa in addition to two queen beds; no complimentary breakfast. We picked this hotel after the previous night’s stay in the Medford Red Lion Inn. The hotel is a bit older and the bedding is somewhat worn. The mattresses were a little saggy, but we still slept OK. The biggest problem we had with this room is that there was no way to close the curtains so that no light would enter in the morning. There was a veiled curtain and then a decorative partial curtain that would not close. It was acceptable, but we would probably not stay here again.

    Medford - 1 night

        Red Lion Inn - comfortable but somewhat small room; high speed internet access; no complimentary breakfast. The room was nice enough that we picked a Red Lion Inn for our next night as well. The one problem we had with the room layout was the fact that only one person could sit at the desk to use the computer. The other person had to use the laptop from the bed, which is pretty uncomfortable for anything more than just a few e-mails or something.

    The Dalles - 1 night

        Best Western River City Inn - we stayed here out of desperation. This was the only night on our trip that we had trouble finding a room and The Dalles was our third stop in trying to located a hotel. We got a non-smoking room and the breakfast was complimentary. The room itself was comfortable and we did have high speed internet access. Although it was a “desperate” move, it was a perfectly acceptable hotel.

South Dakota

    Hill City - 2 nights

        Best Western Golden Spike Inn & Suites - we got a non-smoking suite with two queen beds. We picked the suite because the other rooms did not yet have high speed internet access. The room was huge and very comfortable. We had wired internet access and a very close laundry facility only a few rooms away. The building we stayed in was a non-smoking / non-pet building, which we liked. Unfortunately, at least one guest did not get the memo about the smoking rule and the smoke came pouring in through the ventilation system. Not only that, but the hotel management did not seem too interested in putting a stop to the smoking. It was still a nice hotel and I would stay there again. I especially liked the little town of Hill City better than I would have enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Keystone, which is closer to Mount Rushmore by just a few miles.


    Draper - 1 night

        Holiday Inn Express - clean and quiet rooms; large room; refrigerator and microwave in the room; good high speed internet access (wireless); laundry facility on site; complimentary breakfast. The laundry facility did not meet my expectations. There was only one washer and one dryer for the whole hotel and there was no room in the laundry room to fold clothes. The front desk was out of quarters. The concern I have about this setup is that if either the washer or dryer goes out, suddenly there is no laundry facility and worse yet, if you are in the middle of doing laundry you could end up with wet or soap-covered cloths and no way to recover. Besides, the hotel is too large to have only one of each. The other problem we had at this hotel was the checkout procedure. There was no one at the front desk at 9:30 when we wanted to check out. I finally just left and later called guest relations at Holiday Inn’s central number to make sure the hotel got the message that I was checked out.

    Moab - 2 nights

       Holiday Inn Express - clean and quiet room; great on site laundry facility; great access to parking lot; good continental breakfast plus hot biscuits & gravy and hot cinnamon rolls; good coffee served 24 hours a day; good high speed internet access - both wired and wireless; very comfortable bedding; large room. I think this is overall the best room we stayed in on the trip. I really have no complaints about the hotel at all. It is the reason I picked a Holiday Inn Express in Draper, UT. There is a microwave in the breakfast area that can be used by guests.

    Torrey - 1 night

        Best Western Capitol Reef Resort - great view of the canyon; “high speed internet access”; nice breakfast in restaurant but not complimentary; newer building is nicer. The issue here was totally the internet access. The web site advertised high speed internet access but did not say “in selected rooms”. So, we had to switch from a newer room with a great view to an older room with a smaller bath and only an OK view (but we did not care about the view anyway). The high speed access was pathetic to say the least. We got maybe one Kbs at most and more likely 50-100Bs, which is way less than dial-up. Plus, the connection was clear across the room from the table / chairs. Thankfully I had an Airport Express so we could be wireless in the room. Basically, it was like having no access but you could kind of get your e-mail to work if there were no attachments involved. The motel is older but it is kept up pretty well. If it were not for the internet access, I would have been very happy with the hotel.

Washington (no hotel stays)


    Sheridan - 1 night

        Best Western Sheridan Center - clean and quiet room; high speed internet access; laundry facility on site; great breakfast buffet with hot breakfast items (eggs, sausage, gravy) included with the room; lobby is external to most rooms but an above-the-street walkway is provided. No elevator.

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