Mt. Rushmore Panoramas

360 Degree Panoramas

During the road trip, John is creating a number of 360-degree panoramas and and I am displaying them on this web site. Although we are only putting out low resolution panoramas on the web site, they still are several MB each. The panoramas require a QuickTime plugin for your browser. Even though QuickTime is an Apple product, the iOS 5.x and earlier Safari browsers do not support it.

To navigate within a panorama, simply place your mouse cursor on the image, click and drag in the direction you wish to pan. In order to conserve disk space and provide a faster download, the zoom feature has been disabled.

These images are fun to take and with the right software, they are not difficult to put together. John uses two different types of programs to create each panorama. The first is a stitching program which glues the images together. The second is a conversion program which creates the QuickTime image you can navigate. They are all shot with a digital Canon Sure Shot S2 IS camera in panorama mode.

We hope you enjoy these panoramas as much as we do.

© Karen Bell 2012