Summer of Woodstock Photos


These are some sample photos of the Woodstock Statues. We have taken almost 2000 photos of the 76 Woodstock statues. Most of the photos were taken “in the wild”, but we did also visit Grace Pavilion on two occasions during the Artist Paint-Off in May.

We now have photos of all 76 of the statues and I have included a representative sample of each on this page.

If you are interested in pursuing a Woodstock hunt of your own, take a trip to the Visitor Information Center in Railroad Square in Santa Rosa. You can pick up a map of the locations with the actual addresses. Be sure to get the latest set of corrections as well.

Note: Photos are posted with poor quality and a copyright watermark. It’s fun to hunt down all the Woodstock statues, but it is actually a lot of hard work. Feel free to look, but kindly do not take any of the images.

© Karen Bell 2012