New Woodstock info but no new sightings

Today we paid a visit to the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County, the future home of Woodstock #50 (Woodspock). While I was there, the moving & storage people called to state that they would be delivering Woodspock this afternoon. We I were right that it was being held hostage at Agilent; however, a drive-by late this evening did not yield any obvious signs of the statue. I suppose it is possible that they carted it inside, but I have my doubts.

At about 7:30 this evening, we drove by the Adobe Associates, Inc. site and we saw 2 people looking intently at the Charlie Brown statue. We could not hear the discussion, but it looked like they were trying to figure out a way to move Charlie. Hurray, because that is the apparent hold-up at that location.

We did a quick drive-by in the afternoon at the Kaiser location and things did not appear to have changed.

We paid another visit to the Woodstock on D Street at 5th Street, and we saw that the base had been completely removed and replaced by a new base on wheels. Now Woodstock is moved into the beauty salon each night for safekeeping. The base does not look as good as the original and does not yet have a triangle identification sticker. The owner of the beauty salon told us that it is supposed to get a new triangle soon.

We stopped by the Visitor Center at Railroad Square to see if the errata had been updated. There were definitely some additional changes that were not available in the Monday version. They claimed that the Adobe Associates and Kaiser statues would be placed by the “end of this week”. The also noted that the Woodstock at the Flamingo Hotel (#18) is now located poolside. There was no mention of Woodspock, and they still had the address of #32 (Back to the Garden) as being on D Street rather than 2nd Street. We gave them the corrected street again and hope that this time they get it into print.

© Karen Bell 2012