No new Woodstock sightings today but...

The weather this afternoon in Santa Rosa was cloudy with a few sprinkles - a rare event for summer days in Northern California. We took advantage of the conditions to snap some photos of previously visited Woodstock statues, especially those in which we struggled with the lighting.

New information for today:

  • The Blue Woodstock on Santa Rosa Avenue will be equipped with fiber optic lights and music. We asked about a timeframe and were told a “couple of weeks”. The best place to park for this guy is at the Pier 1 Imports store. It’s the closest parking and you can take advantage of the traffic light to get in and out.
  • We have our suspicions about #50 (Woodspcok). We think that he is hiding out at Agilent Technologies in Santa Rosa at their Fountaingrove address. There are photos of this finished Woodstock statue on the Internet and it is obvious that he is on display and NOT at the advertised site. We plan to explore this possibility tomorrow if he has not showed up at the volunteer center by then. We will stop by the Visitor Information Center tomorrow to get any additional updates first.
  • We did a drive-by of the Kaiser location and the Adobe Associates, Inc. location today and nothing has changed. Today is the one week anniversary of the promised completion date for the placement of Woodstocks. I guess it’s good to know that software isn’t the only thing that gets done late these days, but I am wondering what is taking so long.

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