Rincon Ridge Park Woodstock in Place

As of this morning, we had located 70 of the 76 Woodstock statues at their new summer homes in the wild. Today we revisited four of the six remaining locations and are pleased to report a successful sighting.

Today’s bird is “The Eagle Has Landed”, #13 on the Press Democrat’s list. Since we did not drive by this location yesterday, we are not exactly sure when the statue was placed there.

In addition to our success story, we continue to be puzzled by the lack of Woodstock appearances at the following locations:

#11 - Kaiser. During today’s drive-by, we noticed that the old Charlie is placed on a base that was obviously constructed especially for him. We now believe that the intent for the Woodstock is to place him at the Charlie location. My guess is that the bird cannot be delivered until the sponsors deal with Charlie, but this is only speculation.

#50 - Volunteer Center of Sonoma. This is the ever-elusive Woodspock. We really aren’t sure what is up with this bird. We can tell you that this particular statue left Grace Pavilion early during the Artist Paint-Off and we have not had a sighting since.

#57 - Adobe Associates, Inc. Same status as yesterday. Charlie is faded and standing in the Woodstock spot.

We plan to continue monitoring the above three Woodstocks and will check in with the Visitor Information Center again on Friday. The final two statues are due to arrive around 6/15, so we won’t be cruising by those locations until then.

© Karen Bell 2012