Two more Woodstock statues caught

I did not bother to add to the blog yesterday regarding the fruitless efforts we experienced in driving by the four remaining locations. So, today, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that two more Woodstock statues are now available for hunting and photo opportunities.

#50 - Woodspock, located at 153 Stony Circle, Suite 100. He is outside and very cute. Definitely a creative piece of work, and he even sports some lights that are operated by solar panels on the statue. We will be making at least one more trip to this location to get photos when the sun is not shining so harshly on him.

#57 - Good Friend, Woodstock located at 1220 N Dutton at Adobe & Associates, Inc. This one is located in the same place as last year’s Charlie and we got there just after he was placed. They had to smash some flowers in order to get him installed, but he looks great and is easily photographed. Make sure you check out the knot on this one. In case you are wondering, Charlie has been relocated to the back entrance, where the employees can continue to enjoy him.

So, this leaves us with only 2 remaining Woodstock statues. We will be happy when we have all of them photographed. It has been a more challenging journey than we had originally imagined. We did do a drive-by on each of the remaining locations but did not see a statue.

Remaining are:

#11 - Kaiser. This one was scheduled to be placed last week.

#37 - Santa Rosa Police Station on Sonoma Ave. This one is targeted for somewhere around June 15th.

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