We Got 3 More Woodstocks Today

Yesterday we got our total remaining Woodstock statue count down to 9 and were able to say with confidence that we had photographed every bird “in the wild” that had actually been placed.

Today we hit 6 of the remaining 9 locations and were lucky enough to photograph 3 Woodstock statues. The other 3 were not out (still).

The ones we successfully photographed were:

#3 - Sonoma County Airport. The statue is located just outside the terminal building underneath the new airport seal, which is cool because it has a flying Snoopy on it. A correction sheet we picked up at the Visitor Information Center in Railroad Square on Monday incorrectly states that this statue is located inside the terminal building.

#5 - Burgess Lumber. This one is really cute with all his tools and since the location is pretty remote, I hope he does not get too vandalized. The statue is outside the building but on the grounds of the lumber company. We’ve noticed that the lumber company closes the gates to its parking lot at night, so it’s best to try to get this one during business hours.

#6 - Stevenson Supply. This one is prominently placed outside the business and offers easy parking and a full range of angles to shoot photos from.

The three we tried to find but remained unsuccessful were:

#11 - Kaiser. This one is just not there. We went inside and looked around, but there was no Woodstock to be found. We asked a receptionist who did not even know there was a Woodstock statue program and pointed us to the Charlie from last year. I guess they just haven’t delivered this one yet. We will check with the Visitor Center in a few days if we are still unsuccessful.

#50 - Woodspock, sponsored by Agilent Technologies and promised to be displayed at the Volunteer Center at 153 Stony Circle. The receptionist told me that she was expecting it last week and that it is destined to be placed outside. It apparently has solar panels on it that need to soak up the sun. Hmmm...

#57 - Adobe Associates, Inc. We went inside and spoke to the receptionist. She told us that they are having problems getting the Woodstock delivered because they need to have the Charlie moved first. So, it is supposed to be placed out front where the Charlie is currently located. At least this company was aware of what was going on and was trying to work through the problem.

We did not even attempt the other three today. Two of them are not due until about the 15th of June and the 3rd one is scheduled for sometime “this week”.

By the way, the Charles M Schulz Museum is open all days of the week except Tuesdays. One of the statues is located outside and can be photographed anytime. We expect the Tom Everhart statue of Woodstack to be located in the museum lobby and available for photographs by the public during museum hours.

© Karen Bell 2012