We've Found all but 9!

It’s been more than a week since we started the hunt, and we now have all but 9 statues photographed in the wild. The remaining 9 are either hiding inside or not out yet. We’ve been keeping up with the published changes put out by the Santa Rosa Visitors Center in Railroad Square, but at this point, we have more knowledge about the birds than they do.

Here are the ones that we have not been able to find.

#3 - Charles M Schulz Sonoma County Airport. This one will be located inside the terminal building. As of this morning, it was not yet there.

#5 - Burgess Lumber. This one was not outside two days ago and today the business was closed with no access to the building. But, my suspicion is that this one has also not yet arrived.

#6 - Stevenson Supply. This one is not located outside, and there does not appear to be enough room inside the building to house the bird. But, the business was closed, so there was no way to confirm.

#11 - Kaiser. This one is not outside, although last year’s Charlie is still there (stethoscope repaired by painting on the missing pieces). The facility was closed today, and the information center could not tell us whether or not the Woodstock was supposed to be located inside or not.

#13 - Rincon Ridge Park. We went yesterday and did not go back today, but new information from the Visitor Information Center is that this one will be placed the week of 5/29 (yes, that would be the week starting today).

#37 - Santa Rosa Police Station. Yesterday the info was that this one would be placed around 6/15. Today, the info says it will be placed in 2 weeks.

#50 - Located at 153 Stony Circle and sponsored by Agilent Technologies. This one is quite elusive and we have not yet seen it. As of late yesterday, it was not located outside. We are suspicious that this one might be inside, but the location was closed.

#57 - Adobe Associates, Inc. Well, last year’s Charlie is prominently displayed amidst a bed of bright flowers, but Woodstock is nowhere to be seen. Again, it is possible that this one is located inside, but the business was closed today.

#62 - Charles M Schulz Museum. One of the museum Woodstocks is already placed, but this is the special Tom Everhart piece that will undoubtedly be located in the museum lobby when it arrives. The guy at the museum told me that it is in transit from Southern California, and the Visitor Information Center claims that it will be placed around 6/15.

Here are some hints for others that have moved or are not easily located.

#4 - REACH Air Medical Service. Becker St was not a street on my navigation system and the map in the Press Democrat had no street names. With this one, my advice is to use your intuition and you will be able to find it. From the airport, head back towards the freeway on Airport Blvd and take a right on the first street. Then look for the planes from the Pacific Air Museum on your right and turn right just past the museum lot. There is a wooden sign claiming the street as Becker. It’s a breeze from there.

#8 - Kendall-Jackson Winery. You must go during business hours, which are 10:00 - 5:00 daily.

#9 - Wells Fargo Center for the Arts (aka Luther Burbank Center). If you want photos, go in the morning for most consistent lighting.

#10 - Cloverleaf Ranch. Well, actually, this one has totally been relocated and is now at the Fountain Grove Inn, which is located at the intersection of Fountain Grove Pkwy and Mendocino Ave.

#14 - Bird Rescue Center. This one is a bit odd to find, since you must turn off of Chanate Rd onto a little private road which loops around in a circle. The Bird Rescue Center is near the turnoff, but you have to do the whole one-way loop to get to it.

#18 - Flamingo Hotel. This Woodstock really is in the lobby. It is the Yellow Bird Racer and the photo is switched with #19 in the Press Democrat handout. Also, #18 and #19 are switched on the actual map.

#19 - Oakmont Golf Club. This one is really in Oakmont at the address specified and the number on the map is wrong. Also, the concept drawing is switched with #18.

#29 - Washington Mutual Bank. This is the only one we’ve seen so far that has encountered any vandalism. One of the eggs in the front has been removed and the telltale putty with skewer hole is all that remains.

#32 - 50 Old Courthouse Square. This one is not there. It is actually at 703 2nd Street, across from the Post Office. The Visitor Information Center correctly notes that it has moved, but as of today, they had the address on D Street. Go to 2nd Street near D and you will find it.

#41 - Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Look on the roof of Grace Pavilion. I hope you have good optical zoom on your camera! It appears that this statue was damaged and it is not looking so great. The cap obviously fell off or broke off or something and the placement on Woodstock is not as cute as the original one. We have photos from Grace Pavilion during the paint-off and it looked fine in those. Poor thing!

#42 - Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Just east of Grace Pavilion on the lawn in front of a small building with its own parking.

#47 - Saturn. This one is inside.

#48 - 3075 Corby Ave. This one is at the Ford dealership and is located outside.

#52 - 100 Stony Point Road. This one is rather hidden. It is near the “bronze” Charlie from last year, but is tucked away next to the building. It is the “bronze” Woodstock.

#55 - Union Hotel Restaurant. This one is located inside the restaurant and is difficult to take pictures of due to all the “do not touch” signs. What a shame because it is such a cute one!

#58 - SAFE-BIDCO. The concept drawing of this one is switched with #57.

#76 - Merryhill Country School. This one is located just inside the gates of the school.

© Karen Bell 2012